What I learnt creating the Brexit VT

Last week me and my team decided to go to Parliament to create a one minute VT around Brexit. Our idea was to get public opinion on a deal or no deal Brexit, and wether people wanted an extension on a Brexit deal or not. Our team met at Parliament square at 10.30 am with the camera and microphone ready to film. We where there just over an hour and a half filming GVs, and conducting interviews as well as getting a piece to camera recorded as well. After we filmed the VT I went home to arrange the footage and place a voice over the top I used Davinci resolve for video editing and used Logic to export my voiceover as a .wav to place into the video. Upon completing the process I decided to self evaluate my efforts and think about ways in which I could improve when creating my next VT.


I learnt that there is likely to be a number of protesters outside parliament, I also learnt that protesters are willing to talk to press and tend to put forth facts to back their opinions.

I learnt to ask one question in the interview to keep the VT topic narrow and concise keeping focus on the main topic.

I learnt that the reporter shouldn’t say thank you at the end of their PTC.

I learnt that our PTC background could have been better, we could have made better use of the location and got more of Parliament or Big ben in the shot.

I learnt that there should be one voice in the report and it should be the reporters, the mistake I made was doing the voice over when Charlie the reporter should have.

I learnt that as the reporter Charlie should have been holding the microphone for interviews instead of me, the sound-man .

I learnt to ask the interviewees to give their name and spell it out as well as say their occupation on camera before the interview.