Introduction to Broadcast Journalism – week 1

12th October – Voice Training

During this session, Amanda taught use how to use our bodies to project ourselves to be confident and clear public speakers. we learnt about were the voice times from and how to speak clearly to enhance the importance of what we are saying. We also completed an exercise were we spoke into a microphone and had to read a piece of an article, we was recorded whilst doing so. This pushed us out of our comfort zones and allowed us to evaluate what we do right and wrong whilst public speaking. For example, I could read clearly and confidently but read to quickly and needed to slow down my pace.

13th October – Video/audio packages and Story angles

During this session, Rime presented possible ideas for our theme for our video or audio. I am interested in Home, family and relationships as the way people think and feel interests and inspires me. I am unsure at the moment whether I will choose an audio or video as my main piece. We learnt about the different angles that stories can have such as national, local, new development, follow up and human interest. I think I want my piece to be heartfelt and personal however I am unsure of the overall idea at this point and I am also wary of the editing as I lack experience in this department. I am thinking along the lines of questions/ interviews with people such as ‘where or who feels like home to you and why?’ or ‘What is the last thing you said to a person you love today?’

Other ideas I have at the moment are how relationships struggled through the pandemic or long distances.

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