Critical Explication: Live Show 09/11/17

The JLDN live show is 15-minute show aimed at young people in London. It consists of VT packages, news bulletins, a social media segment and is hosted by 2 presenters on the sofa from our studio inside the newsroom. The show airs weekly at 3pm and is streamed across YouTube via Wirecast and is later uploaded to our website.

Each person in the class is given a role (editorial, production, presenting) for the day of the live show. I was assigned News Editor as was responsible for the entire editorial output of the show. I lead the Monday morning editorial meeting where the whole group comes together to share story ideas. I then picked the best stories and delegated each between the VT teams. Between Monday and Thursday, I keep in touch via SLACK with each team to make sure everyone is on track to deliver content on Thursday.

My VT group decided to report on the new NHS app, ‘GP At Hand’ and we went down to St Thomas’ Hospital film. I was responsible for booking out the equipment, researching, scripting, presenting and editing the VT. I think this was one of my strongest VT’s – however I wish we spent more time on location to film better quality GV’s and improve the framing of some of our shots.

On the 9th, I lead another meeting to check that all the packages went to plan. I then decided on a running order and slot in the other segments such as the bulletins. I was grateful to be working with a strong production team, particularly with Leanne as director. I think we corresponded well throughout the day.

Straight after the meeting, I inputed the running order into Ross Inception and then instructed each team to input their studio lead ins also. Myself and Isla went through all the lead ins, checking for accuracy, fairness and style – rewriting any that needed improvement. Once our running order was approved, the script was sent to print.  This process didn’t take long meaning the scripts were printed with plenty of time for rehearsals. Just as we were printing – some political news broke in Westminster and I made the decision for the bulletins editor to cut the leading bulletin and announce the breaking news first.

The live show went well however audio was an issue. At times where a VT was playing – you could hear the presenters whispering. The presenters had good chemistry however at times lacked authenticity when reading the autocue. Another issue in the show was that one VT was exported in the wrong format and therefore the audio sounded robotic. We tried to fix this leading up to the show however it was taking too long to export so we ran the original edit – our presenters apologised for the sound immediately after.

There were also a few house style issues such as one VT having lower thirds in a different font. For the show, I asked Ralitsa to be a sofa reporter and develop a story straight of the back of the bulletins – this worked well however it would have been nice to have a camera zoomed into a mid-shot of her when she was talking instead of having a camera zoomed out with Ralitsa and the presenters in shot the entire time.

Word count: 550