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Digital Journalism

Digital developments impact almost every aspect of journalism, from the way we read and distribute information to the way we type it out for our readership. It frightens some, and excites others – but we should be far from scared. 

Technological advances mean that almost every drop of information is at our fingertips. Platforms like Quora and Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Youtube all encourage us to be sharers of information, be it a short story or a selfie. We have the power to Google what we like, to pull up a Wikipedia article in seconds. But with the advantage of immediacy comes the ability to plagiarise quickly, distractions from notifications on the devices we’re reading on, and the inability of distinguishing between genuine news platforms like the BBC, and satirical media platforms such as The Onion. Sharing false news stories accidentally, and falling for fake twitter accounts is a massive issue in the digital world, however slip-ups teach us how to be vigilant in what we’re reading. Competition between news companies has always existed, but it now exists tenfold with the swipe of a finger