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Burlesque, beer and Briefs: Southbank’s Underbelly Festival

London southbank underbelly festival night

Along the Southbank lies the venue for one of London’s edgiest events, the Udderbelly

The child of Udderbelly and London Wonderground hosts events from a creche to the sickening stars of Rupaul’s Drag Race; making Underbelly a stand out charact

er in London’s growing nightlife. 

Evening events are nearly sold out with tickets selling for £20, but entry to the venue is entirely free. In the day, you can expect to see office workers on their lunch breaks, but past 7pm income the masses, insatiable for a taste of London’s alternative entertainment. 

The venue comes fully charged with bars and food outlets, beer coming in at £4.60, considerably cheaper than most west end bars. Food catering for the needs of the vegetarian and meat-eaters alike. 


Covered in AstroTurf and 12 feet flower pots add the garden making Underbelly reminiscent of a children’s playground. One festival goer described it as a ‘Dr Seuss goes into catering’. Needless to say, it is a must see, must attend event!

Underbelly runs from 28 April – 30 September 2017.
Opening at 11am through to 11pm.
Tickets can be bought at: