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Russell Boyce: Photojournalism at Reuters and the challenges in a digital world

Being at Reauters for over 2 decades, Russell Boyce has seen the many faces that photography has adopted as technology and the needs of users changes. Speaking to students at London Southbank University, he outlined challenges which face photo-journalists in a modern world, where everybody is part of a greater digital network. A network where news is streamed across the world simultaneously and we can all get notifications instantly. 

The veteran photographer suggests that social media is now their biggest rival, it takes around 5 minutes for a photograph to arrive at an online app straight from the camera. However, Boyce notes that a member of a public can take a photo of the same event and upload it instantly to any social media platform, such as twitter.

He gives the example of the Pope’s arrival into Eygpt, clients desire the first photograph of him, as soon as it happens, but he notes that it takes a while to get those photos at a high standard, which they pride themselves upon. A live stream on Facebook was the answer to how they can keep up to demands and still maintain accuracy. He jaunts that many rivals such as ATP were 15 minutes behind with their shots, ‘they aren’t even in the game’ he adds. 

In the political world of today, Reuters aim to be as neutral, not siding with any political stance. He details that to maintain freedom, a company must be completely self reliant financially as they are not answering to investors who may want to push an agenda.