Cheap Traveling From London

When in London, cheap traveling can be a blessing or a hassle. From my experience, it’s all about the method of travel. London’s Victoria Coach station is surprisingly nice and well kept up (as far as bus stations go). In the context of price, a flixbus from there to Frankfurt, Germany round trip was $33. On the other end of the cheap traveling lies the budget airports on the edge of the city, Luton and Stansted.  Luton seemed relatively modern and kept up, with frequent busses and trains that went into the city. Security wait times and customs generally were a breeze. Stansted seemed like the reverse.  On a flight back from Malta, the customs line was almost 2 hours, not to mention the glaring lack of busses that went into the city, leaving me stranded outside the M25 for yet another hour. All that said, you can’t seem to beat the cheap flights available from the airports. My flight from both only costed me $30 round trip from Malta! While I’d say the flight was the better deal, the bus still seemed like the way to go if you have the time. 

Published by holtz

Hello, I’m a student at the University of Georgia, studying abroad in London, England.