Pakistani fashion is one of the most underrated fashion industries in the world. However in recent months due to big celebrities wearing Pakistani designers clothes, it’s moving up in the industry. Here are four of my favorite Pakistani designers:


Faraz Manan is one of the biggest names in Pakistan, with beautiful bridal work has gone viral many times with people from all around the world, appreciating his work. Working mainly with light pastel colours and very heavy embroidery to simple cuts of clothing, Faraz’s work has become iconic with smaller designers and shops trying to create his look for less




Fahad Hussayn is one of my favourites because he likes to take risks; his catwalk shows especially are very high fashion with amazing accessories. His clothes are brightly coloured. Bright colours are very traditional in Pakistani culture but he also incorporates a western twist that makes his collections modern.




She likes to embroider over prints and uses both bright colours and neutral colours on the same outfit. For example, a blue full skirt with a white shirt and a green scarf. In many of her collections, the scarf is more heavily embroidered making them the focus point rather than the top and bottom.


Bunto is not as well known as faraz manan but nevertheless her work is beautiful. Her work is traditional with most her bridal work being different shades of red, which is the colour that most Pakistani brides have always worn.

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