60s Makeup trends

60s Makeup trends

Trends come and go, some trends come and go and come back again. With the makeup industry booming it’s no surprise that trends from early days are making a comeback. The spotlight is back on the 60s and is bigger than ever. Catwalks are embracing the 60s with the likes of CHANEL and CHLOE recreating 60s makeup in their 17 A/W collections. It has also been a cult favourite with celebrities such as Mila Kunis and even Bollywood stars like Vidya Balan sporting twiggy lower lashes and that true winged liner.

A beauty consultant at Charlotte tilbury at Covent Garden said that winged eyeliner and cute creases are very popular. Charlotte tilbury even created a gift set dedicated to creating a 60s inspired look. “ I think its very popular because these days we love a bold eye and bold makeup in general and the 60s were very much like that, so no surprise everyone is doing winged liner and twiggy lashes”

Key ways to get that 60s inspired look:

1.Winged eyeliner– This is a personal favourite, winged eyeliner is my go to and its no surprise everyone is embracing it! It adds depth to your lashes and makes your lashes look thicker. Opting for a winged-eyeliner look can really enhance the shape of your eyes, without the necessity of eye shadow. For small eyes, adding a small wing can elongate the eyes and draw attention.

Three ways to achieve the look:

  1. Gel liner– gel liner is the trickiest form of applying winged eyeliner, with the add on necessity of a liner brush. It is the longest lasting with a creamy texture and an extreme black colour that will make your eyeliner pop.

Get your gel liner from:


Make sure you grab a brush too!

  1. Liquid liner– For a sharp flick, this would be a perfect tool, with different types of applicators and colors you cannot go wrong with a liquid liner. 


  1. Pencil eyeliner– the least used specifically for a winged look, the pencil liner is more for a subtle look, you can use tape to help make the shape of the wing if needed. 


  1. Cut crease– a Cut crease was originally used to draw attention to actresses’ eyes in black and white films.  The basic of a cut crease is applying a lighter shade of eye-shadow all over your lid and then adding a darker shade of eye-shadow on top of your lid crease but instead of using traditionally matte colours, the beauty community have added a modern twist by using glitter, whether it being loose, pressed or liner and also very bright colours.





3.Long eyelashes– Eyelashes have been fashionable and an important overlooked feature and the 60s were no excuse. With models like Twiggy who careers were made from her iconic lashes, it’s no surprise that this is still a huge trend today and will no doubt be around for a long time. Fun Fact: Pliny the Elder a roman philosopher said that eyelashes fell out from excessive sex and so it was especially important for women to keep their eyelashes long to prove their chastity. Eyelashes also give a more youthful look.

Three ways to achieve this look:

1.Mascara – LOTS of it. You can use multiple coats of mascara and an eyelash curler to get the twiggy look. Make sure you emphasise you bottom lashes too!




2.False lashes– It would probably take less time to apply falsies on your eyelashes than to apply 20 coats of mascara. You can use half of a normal lash for your lower lash line or even use individual ones. It takes a bit more practise but practise makes perfect!

Top Lashes:


Lower lashes


3.Eyeliner or eye shadow – twiggy drew on her lower lash lines to make the mascara pop even more. You can use any type of eyeliner or black eye shadow to do this.

With these tips, there’s no stopping anyone achieve the famous mod look, who knows you may become the new twiggy?








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