East Dulwich’s supermarket failing

East Dulwich’s supermarket failing

Residents of East Dulwich are becoming increasingly dissatisfied with the state of the Co-op on Lordship Lane.

The shop, which is located on the high street has been receiving complaints recently due to the decrease in standards of one of East Dulwich’s most popular supermarkets. Customers have started to complain about a number of issues such as the temperates being too cold, lack of trollies, food past their sell-by date. 

Regular shopper Lynne said: “The last lot of meat I bought there was past it’s sell-by date, as I only noticed when I got home.” There have also been complaints of lack of staff on hand which a user on East Dulwich’s forum claimed: “The manager apparently told my friend he can’t get shelf stackers, he has stock going nowhere!”.

There is competition on the high street however with an M&S down the street. When asked which shop she preferred, resident Barbara Woodman said: “M&S provides us with what we believe we deserve, whilst, the Coop gives the locale it’s heartfelt indifference.”. Despite poor standards of the Co-op, some are still reluctant to use the M&S which is also located on Lordship Lane. “It has always been freezing and there’s overpriced stuff littering M&S too!”.





From the Basque Country to London in 5,000 miles

From the Basque Country to London in 5,000 miles

The sun blasts through the window, frost on the windows and 18 year old Itziar Telleria Flores from the small town of Durango, Basque Country has to take her 45 minute bus ride from East Dulwich to central London.

Despite being a far cry from the mountainous regions of Northern Spain in which she grew up, she doesn’t feel too homesick, she’s used to it; spending the three years prior to now studying in South Africa before she moved to London.

“Obviously it was a big culture shock. I didn’t know one person and I got very homesick at the beginning”. Itziar was one of six students from her school in Bilbao who gained scholarship to study in Johannesburg. “I didn’t speak a word of English when I moved there so it was very difficult at first for me.”

Leaving her family was something she initially struggled with, however fell in love with the city she moved to. “It was so different to where I’d grown up I just loved the different way of living”. The weather was something she wasn’t used to, particularly in the winter. “People think that because you live in Spain it’s just hot all the time but we have extremely cold winters in the north. Johannesburg is hot all year round”

Returning home after finishing her schooling in Johannesburg, studying abroad was something she’d thoroughly enjoyed and felt like she wanted to do again and was leaning towards studying engineering in the future.“My interest in engineering came from an passion for fine art at first. I know they don’t sound like they’re related but I’ve always loved drawing. The reason I went with engineering was because realistically the chances of me getting a job as an artist are very low and I wanted to feel like I was making something”.

“I think that I matured a lot quicker growing up away from my family in a different country”. However, after spending her early teenage years away from home, her parents were opposed to the idea and insisted that she undertake her university education in Spain. “My parents couldn’t afford to send me to England and pay for university here, especially in London where everything is so much more expensive than in Spain so I had to apply for a student loan”.

Adamant that engineering was the career path for her, she applied for Imperial College London. After excelling in her exams she gained an unconditional offer from the university. “I think because not many girls go into engineering that it helped my application”. Being one of only 5 girls in her class of 130 she feels as though the industry needs more women. “I was quite surprised when I turned up on my first day and I was one of the only girls.”

Staying with family friends in East Dulwich, Itziar commutes 45 minutes every day to and from university to fulfil her ambition of becoming an engineer. “I don’t mind the journey, it’s a nice reminder I live in one of the best cities in the world”. 




The Audio Production Awards gala

The Audio Production Awards gala

The ninth instalment of the Audio Production Awards gala, sponsored by Audible took place at the BPI on the Southbank. The evening focused on celebrating the achievement of those involved in the production and distribution of radio shows all year round.

BBC 1Xtra’s Trevor Nelson MBE presented the evening which saw the industry’s most talented receive all manner of awards on the 23rd November 2017. The black-tie event was supported by a number of corporations and was fully catered with a bar offering free alcohol in the foyer with views of the Thames.  

Notable nominees included Michael Sheen and Ed Miliband as well as many more. The event started at 8:00pm and ended at 11:00pm with a comedic set from Mark Watson as well as magician Lance-Corporal Richard Jones. 



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Make your site responsive: Ensure website is cross-platform friendly (Works on mobile, tablet, PC etc.)

Big data

Big data

Big Data: Extremely large data sets that can be analysed to reveal patterns and trends usually relating to human behaviours and interactions

Data Journalism: Journalism that is done with data opening up new possibilities when writing stories.


What can you do with the data?

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The Gowlett Inn closing down

The Gowlett Inn closing down

Popular local pub on Gowlett Road closing down, owners announced earlier this week on their Facebook page.

Local punters have reacted sadly to the news wishing the owners the best in the future as well as talk of trying to save the pub which has served the community so well in recent years.

Manager Johnny Henfrey believed the pub really brought the community together and was a hub of diversity; young people coming to the DJ nights, long-time regulars visiting often, parents bringing in their children for meals and local workers stopping in for a quick pint after work.

Southwark council however has listed the building under Article 4 which is set up to save public houses such as the Gowlett as well as other pubs in the borough.

PR: Black Friday set to hit Brit wallets

Press Release*

UK families are reportedly about to drop £10bn on Black Friday next week. Clothing and accessories are set to be the most coveted consumables over the weekend.

Stats from GoCompare indicate 31% of the country are interested in taking a look at the weekend’s sales. The majority of consumers will put their purchases on credit or use their bank cards online as opposed to walking into high street shops.

Black Friday marks the start of Christmas shopping for many. The American tradition has become increasingly popular in the UK in more recent years. £3.1bn was spent in 2015 during Black Friday sales whereas The Guardian has reported that British spending projections are set to be up to £10bn*

Georgie Frost, head of consumer affairs at GoCompare There is a huge amount of hype around Black Friday in the UKnow.Get ready for all manner of retailers urging you to ‘act quickly’ before ‘unmissable deals’ on ‘must-have’ products end but be careful not to get caught up in the frenzy.’

There’s a growing degree of scepticism involved with the weekend of frantic consumerism with 29% say they won’t be buying anything over the three day period and 18% are ‘fed up’ with end of November sales.

– END –

For further informationplease contact: Anders Nilsson or Martyn John atGoCompare on 01633 654 054 / 01633 654 725 Gordon, Jason or Lizat

MAWCommunications on 01603 505 845

Keep up-to-date withGoCompare on Twitter: @GoCompare

Immersive journalism

Immersive journalism

Immersive content:

360 Video
Monoscopic, Stereoscopic

Augmented reality 

3D scan

CGI (Computer Generated Imagery

Putting the viewer in control with multiple perspectives:

Traditional storytelling
Dynamic storytelling

Dynamic vs. Traditional

Linear vs. Branched story structure
Linear: The order in which a story is presented is vital for it to be understood. More importantly, linear storytelling requires there to be a supplier of information in a fixed order



How will a participant consume the experience?

Passive vs. Active consumption
Passive observers have limited control over how the story progresses. A journalist guides them through the narrative.
Active observers have the ability to affect how their experience evolves. They have the freedom to dictate how they consume information. Whether it’s through structure, movement or interaction.

WHO is the audience?

Observing vs. Participating audiences 
Tips for exploring dynamic storytelling

Put the audience at the centre of the process. User choice can drive high levels of impact and participation
Create an experience which lives across platforms, including elements such as interactive graphics or 360 videos
Leverage the expertise of everyone in the newsroom
Test and iterate throughout the process