Increase in crime around Dulwich

Heavy police presence around Dulwich and Peckham have exacerbated fears of rising crime in the area. A number of sirens were heard on the high street on Monday 25th.

Armed police officers have been seen roaming the streets and comforting residents with their presence. 638 criminal offences have been committed since January this year. Residents however do not seem phased; ‘I don’t normally seem to notice any extra police presence in this area to be honest with you, we just go about life as usual, you just get used to it.’ was the response from Jamal Kundi, 43 after being quizzed on the issue. This being said, have reported East Dulwich as being the ‘Burglary hotspot of the UK’ with 61 claims per 1000 quotes made in the area. Full time mum, Kayleigh Stephenson, however was surprised with the figures stated, claiming ‘I think there has been a bit more of an increase recently.’

There have also been 47 reported shoplifts since the turn of the year. As a result, shopkeepers have implemented more security measures in response in hope of bringing figures and the crime rate down in East Dulwich.