Analytics and their use in journalism

Analytics are an integral part of how journalists and news organisations view how their audience views and accesses the site. The number of clicks, page visits as well as comments and any other interaction can easily give indication as to whether the article is of interest to the audience or not.

Many news organisations use their analytics in different ways. For example, they can be used for editorial purposes to determine how the order of news stories appears on their site or app. The article with the most page visits for example may end up right at the top to increase web traffic and reach a wider audience. This sort of data is useful as it has an impact on editorial decisions.

The argument surrounding the use of analytics in journalism is that the quantitative data gathered never is the full picture. Analytics remain useful however due to the growing competitiveness of the industry to examine how well your site is doing.

Importance in Quick News Updates:

It is important for news to be updated quickly and accurately. However normally one comes at the cost of the other when reporting live. News organisations will often use social media platforms such as Twitter to release information as quick as they get it. The difficulty being that when breaking news, it’s easy to make mistakes when reporting quickly. A news corporation will want to maintain credibility by being one of the first to break stories accurately.