East Dulwich’s supermarket failing

Residents of East Dulwich are becoming increasingly dissatisfied with the state of the Co-op on Lordship Lane.

The shop, which is located on the high street has been receiving complaints recently due to the decrease in standards of one of East Dulwich’s most popular supermarkets. Customers have started to complain about a number of issues such as the temperates being too cold, lack of trollies, food past their sell-by date. 

Regular shopper Lynne said: “The last lot of meat I bought there was past it’s sell-by date, as I only noticed when I got home.” There have also been complaints of lack of staff on hand which a user on East Dulwich’s forum claimed: “The manager apparently told my friend he can’t get shelf stackers, he has stock going nowhere!”.

There is competition on the high street however with an M&S down the street. When asked which shop she preferred, resident Barbara Woodman said: “M&S provides us with what we believe we deserve, whilst, the Coop gives the locale it’s heartfelt indifference.”. Despite poor standards of the Co-op, some are still reluctant to use the M&S which is also located on Lordship Lane. “It has always been freezing and there’s overpriced stuff littering M&S too!”.