Infographic Workbook

How did I find the data?

My initial idea was to compare the cost of the UK’s war in Syria & Iraq and compare it to the the deficit in the NHS. However after failing to source an appropriate dataset I decided to look elsewhere for a story. 

I settled for reasons for divorce statistics I found on the ONS website.

Why did I choose it?

I was struggling to find some data that I could structure out into a graphic however felt like this data set was clear enough for me to do.

What I noticed about the data

I was expecting to see big changes in the reasons for the divorce however due to the change in the sample size in the data I acquired from different years it changed only marginally in certain categorises.

Editorial Issues?

I encountered a few issues during the research of the data. The main one being the fact that I could only find data for the last 20 years; I would have preferred a broader time period of maybe 50 years to fully see a change.

I also struggled initially finding the dataset however after I stumbled upon the set I eventually chose I was confident I could lay it out how I wanted.


I decided I wanted a colourful design so that was at the forefront of my mind when planning and designing it.

I wasn’t too sure initially on how I was going to present the data however drew information from ‘Information is beautiful’ by David McCandless.




‘Information is Beautiful’ by David McCandless