Underbelly Festival

The appropriately named Underbelly Festival is literally located in the underbelly of Southwark, a unique pop up show that runs from April to September

It presents a multi-arts offering for tourists and graduates who want to unwind in their evenings enveloped in warm ambience, relaxing atmosphere and indulge in food from different cultures complimented with a healthy dose of drink, healthy – is subjective of course.

Elizabeth Abbott, 23, a graduate of Fine Arts from Manchester and a current employee at the burger bar situated in the underbelly festival; recommends it to graduates and tourists, rather than students as it is ‘a little bit expensive’. She has recommended it to friends and family as it’s ‘perfect to sit outside and bask in the sun’ whilst there are a host of enthralling shows on all year around from September.

Whether appreciating the visual feasts of drag queens in all their glory in ‘Briefs: Close Encounters’ or exploring Miss Polly Rae between the sheets, showcasing her breathtaking combination of striptease and song.