Students staying in Mclaren House Accommodation shocked at poor facilities

Students that stay in Mclaren House halls of residence were shocked to the sight of ‘dirty’ and disappointing accomadation

The accomadation that’s named Mclaren House had some students very surprised when they turned up to a very disappointing flat and rooms. A couple of days into the first term the doors were broken and were being very dodgy. And it locked people out of the kitchen or room.

When we arrived in the first couple of weeks there were so many dodgy things for example the door handle were broken, and so it locked us out and we had to go and get maintenance. Also the bathroom is a poor condition with it being mouldy.

Ellie, First Year Student at LSBU

Students were very angry as they pay thousands of pounds to stay in these accomadation s and to them it’s very upsetting when it doesn’t live up to the standards that they are paying for

Another problem to do with accommodation was the bathrooms. Firstly it had been stated that it was very “mouldy’ and of poor conditions. Some have even stated that when they go for showers the waters don’t drain properly so this leads to it filling up the bathroom and resulting to it flooding to the flat. Which is very inconvenient as you pay so much money you should get a decent living situation

Loads of complaints from residents have consisted of, ‘mould’, ‘flooding’ “broken door handle” “mice’ etc. But McLaren House and other Student Accommodation linked with London South Bank University have claimed that they are looking into it and will fix all the problems so residents can live happily and stress free.

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