Loads of teenagers spiked with injections at clubs in London

Recently a handful of young teenagers in local areas in south london have been spiked or injected with unknown substances when going on a night out. Many were called to go to the hospital when they raised concerns that they were injected with a substance.

It follows a number of nightclubbers recently reporting spiking-via-injection across the country. Hundreds of young teenagers especially women have been found with injected arms after a night out

One local nightclub has stated that “they are regularly working with local bar and club owners to ensure people have a safe and enjoyable time and that there are mechanisms in place if people need help, including the Ask For Angela initiative. In the wake of these incidents, we are liaising with licensing and local venues around safety”

It had been stated that there is gonna be increased reassurance patrols over the coming weekends to keep everyone safe.

The whole injecting and spiking that’s been going on the past couple weeks is disgusting. Teenagers can’t even go on a night out with their friends and enjoy themselves without horrible human beings spiking them

Lucy, 18, London

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