Student Accommodation Loses It’s Touch

London Southbank University’s most favoured student accommodation is losing it’s popularity due to an uprise in complaints over the past year

By Olivia Kemp

Studio Intro: Living in halls of residence is becoming an increasingly popular choice, for first year students especially. However, after many student complaints, life is one of London Southbank University’s most popular halls doesn’t seem as great as it’s advertised to be. JLDN reporter Charlie Wetton finds out more.

Contribution: My contribution towards the student accommodation VT package was the idea in itself. I came up with the idea to do it on student accommodation as I thought it was a relatable subject to cover for our audience. I was also the editor so my team would come to me to check if things were placed correctly and to see if certain parts looked right in the editing. I helped out with the final PTC filming and helped set up interviews with the vox pops