Week 2 live show

Week 2 live show, our first one of the semester!

For this week, I was social media editor and from what I learned through other people who did it last semester, I had to keep on top of it everyday through tweeting, Facebook posts and Instagram posts. From this I need I had to be very aware of the social accounts everyday, I thought I did this very well. Everyday I made sure that relevant articles were posted through Twitter, keeping my followers engaged with the account, this also got more followers throughout the week.

I made sure that my classmates consistently sent through content throughout the week of how they were doing with their VT’s. Luckily they engaged very well as I received pictures of them on set and short clips of a summary of their VT’s as well. I felt like there was limited things I could do for Facebook, whatever I posted on Instagram, was posted on to Facebook and with Twitter, the same pictures and videos were posted. I definitely feel that overall, Twitter was the most interactive social account in terms of tweeting and also being able to post photos and videos as well, whereas Instagram was only limited to photos and videos. Although saying this, I posted Instagram stories which engaged the audience and also going live through the show I posted updated videos of how the group were doing and did a wrap up video at the end once the show had finished.

In terms of my VT group this week (group 3), we were doing E-sports. This week I was presenter, which I found fairly difficult seeing as I didn’t particularly know very much on E-sports. Once we got to the E-sports bar, where we was doing our piece, our camera operator, James got a few GV’s to start of the day. We asked the man behind the bar our main questions, which luckily he knew a lot about the subject. He also gave us some help, as he overheard my piece to camera, he corrected us on some of our statistics, which we didn’t quite get right when doing research. So we had to re-do our piece to camera, which I had help with from the group to do. I feel the piece went well when it came down to none of us really enjoying the topic to much, we still got on with it and made the best out of a bad situation.