Week 5 live show

Week 5, my role was social media presenter!

For this week, I had quite a nerve racking role, which was social media presenter. The reason why I found this quite daunting was purely based on the fact I didn’t get a script or an auto cue to read from which I find quite hard once put on the spot. Once I had my ideas I thought it would be helpful to write bullet points on the white board so if I needed too, I could look for guidance during the show. Once it came to the show I felt like I could’ve done better, due to nerves, it came quite apparent that I was looking at the white board a lot and you can see this on the show. In terms of the way I presented myself though, I feel I did a good job, I didn’t show my nerves too much but I could’ve done better in remembering exactly what I was saying. Its definitely a role I wouldn’t like to do again as it doesn’t show what I can be best at.

For my VT group this week, we did the sex education apps and my role was the written piece. So due to this, when it came down to filming I didn’t need to be there. I spent just over an hour going through research to write up the article and also by looking at our finished piece I got information from that too.