Week 7 live show

This week I was director of the show, which got changed last minute. Delina was meant to be director and I was assistant director but due to Delina already being director previously, it was only fair that she had the chance to have a different role. Out of all the roles I have had to take on in this past, this one was probably the most daunting one out of them all. I think basing on the fact I had to take control and tell people what to do and it was pretty much my opinion that mattered, was something I didn’t really feel comfortable with. But saying that, I feel I did the roll as best as I could and had massive help from my assistant Delina, and I couldn’t of succeeded without her. Working the panel during the show was scary but I think I did a good job as I focused and tried to keep as calm as I could. Leading up to the show, there was problems with people getting their scripts into inception on time. Our editor and chief Pascal and our editor Laura, told people at the start of the day to get their scripts in for 12pm, but it came to 3pm and scripts were still missing, so I feel like the group could’ve been on the ball slightly better. Also another criticism would be that I was desperate to practise a run through before the show, I kept going on at people I wanted to do a run through at 2pm but it came to 2.15pm and scripts still weren’t in so we were unable to start, which was quite stressful seeing as I had never done the directing panel before and was desperate to get practise for it.

Eventually, we managed to get scripts in and the practise for the show went pretty well, giving me hope that the live show was going to go smoothly. There were a few tweaks that needed to be made, for example, bulletins presenter needed to go through with the auto cue operator as it was going to fast and she also needed to read through the script due to not knowing what she was talking about. Once the show started, I felt it went very smoothly, the VFX operator, Barbara did a great job by telling me how long we had left and also did a good job on the stills during bulletins.

My VT package this week, on a personal level, didn’t go to plan. Originally, I was meant to be the VT editor for the group, Isla was presenter, James was camera operator and Elle-Mae was doing the written piece. I wasn’t able to do the editing until Monday morning, due to personal things I had to do over the weekend, and also down to not having the software on my laptop, which I didn’t have a problem with doing as I knew it wouldn’t take me long to do. But the reporter insisted she would do the editing for the piece, therefore leaving me with no role for this week.