Pickpockets around the streets of Harrods

They dress good, they  behave as normal, but in reality they have something on mind. Robbing you.

Pickpockets. On Monday 21st Police recorded at least six cases of pickpockets. One of the victim approached was Sara, 23, from London.

She was walking her way back home with some friends. ” I felt like my bag was heavier and when this kept going on, I touched my bag.”

“I could feel that it was open and something was moving like a hand.” 

While realising what was happening she confronted the young girl that was trying to rob her. “What did you take? Tell me now!”

The girl that couldn’t speak english, ran suddenly to take the bus. She was in her mid 20s and she was wearing a big grey and black Gucci scarf.

Sara called the police to record the fact. Unfortunately this wasn’t the first case of the day. Police explained that nowadays you can have a pickpocket close to you without noticing.

“They work as a team, some are the ones that distract you and some take actions.” 

“They are familiar with it, their role is more like acting,” the police officer said.

“An obvious target are tourist. As sometimes they don’t have time to report cases like this because on a holiday.” “But, in general they try with everyone coming out from Harrods”.

Harrods is also affected by this. The shopping centre refuses to be associated with these allegations and fear that their site might increase these situations.

Police are working strictly with Harrods to increase street security. This is not the first time happening as the shopping centre is well known for his number of costumers. The staff of harrods is spreading awareness. 

“I hope this doesn’t happen to anyone. It would be just nice not to look over your shoulder,” Sara said.