A Little Throwback To My Trip To Italy.

Hello  all! It is rainy Saturday here in London, so I guess , it is the right time to post something on my blog, isn’t it? In this post I’m gonna tell you briefly about our short, spontaneous trip to Italy that happened this April – 2018 . There are several places I have visited in past few years ,and never post about them on a blog or so. I think they are definitely worth sharing,  so I might write more about them in upcoming posts.

It all started in March 2018 when my friend and I were sitting at Starbucks drinking a coffee.  The idea of going to Italy was really spontaneous. To be honest, I didn’t even expect the whole trip to happen as we had many similar ideas before and they never came true. We were just checking the places we would love to visit and also flight tickets prices – the flight tickets had quite reasonable prices at that time, so we bought our fly ticket from London to Venice and our ticket back from Pisa to London.  We had one week to visit as many places as possible and in the most cheapest way.

07. 04. 2018 – we arrived in Venice at around 11.00am. We had almost the whole day to spend there, because at around 10pm that day we had a night coach to Rome. The weather was lovely and Venice wasn’t even that crowded. I fell in love with Venice – it definitely is one of the best places I ever visited. We obviously had pizza and gelato as every tourist I guess. And I’m coming back for sure. One of the reasons is that I didn’t take a ride on gondola when I was there, so… See you soon, Venice!

Night on the bus wasn’t the best one of my life, but we survived and on 08. 04. 2018 in the early morning we arrived in Rome. We left our luggage at one of luggage storages , bought our ROMA PASS which I really do advise you to buy, if you are planning on staying in Rome for more days. We had booked AirBnb for our stay in Rome. Our first stop on our first day was Appia Antica. Again,  we were lucky to have the most beautiful weather. Appia Antica is one of the earliest and strategically most important Roman roads of the ancient republic. There is probably no other place in Rome that gives you such a strong sense of stepping into past, or its remains at least. We rented bicycles from local shop and biked along the ancient thoroughfare. On the same day in the evening, we also visited the famous Trevi Fountain and Colloseum (but only from outside) and had a walk around central Rome. The next day was…I’m not even sure whether I should mention it or not. But we are only humans after all, right? It was raining heavily in Rome after all those sunny days. So we couldn’t really be bothered to go anywhere. Yes, I know. Shame on us! But we were so exhausted from all the travelling and sleepless nights, that we probably needed it. I know, we had three days in Rome and we wasted , like completely, one of them, but.. that sometimes happens, doesn’t it? We only made it to shop to buy some food and we basically spent the whole day in bed – mostly sleeping, watched some movies on Netflix, binge ate and that was it. We really needed energy. Don’t blame us! On the third and our last day in Rome we went for Vatican tour, which was amazing. But I bet religious people find it even more interesting then I did. We had our private guided tour through Vatican gardens on the bus, it was literally only me and my friend on the bus. And driver, obviously. But this tour , that really was something! Wow! Then we also paid a visit to Sistine chapel which is a must-see, specially if you are a religious. The Sistine Chapel itself is really lovely and I was amazed but it, but to be honest, I thought Oxford Street in London is super-crowded on weekends, but Sistine Chapel? I could barely move, the amount of people there was enormous. I couldn’t wait to leave and it just seemed it was endless. When we finally made it out I was the happiest person , for real. On the same day , in the afternoon we visited Roman Forum and Colloseum from the inside. 

We left Rome on 11. 04. 2019 and made a few-hours stop in Florence. I really did like Florence, its architecture , especially. Basilica of Saint Mary of the Flower is huge and tremendously beautiful. In the evening on the same day we left Florence and went to Pisa. We arrived in Pisa in the evening, took some photos with Leaning Tower of Pisa and went to our AirBnb. We had really exhausting day ahead. The last day of our trip we visited Cinque Terre – or five lands comprised of Monterosso al Mare, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola and Riomaggiore. Cinque Terre is a paradise. I cannot even explain how beautiful it is. You just need to go and visit yourself. You can hike there and experience the most mesmerizing views, if you go in summer, you can enjoy the beach and the sea. Again, the weather turned up to be perfect.

On 13. 04. 2018 in the early morning we left Pisa and left to London, but Italy is still in our hearts. We had an amazing time and will definitely come again.