How The Telegraph lures young demographic on Snapchat

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Snapchat is one of those platforms that attract mainly younger demographic. That is why The Telegraph uses Snapchat´s function – Discover to attract the mentioned demographic.

The Telegraph is making sure that the content they post on Snapchat is always relevant to its audience and that they find it interesting.

After watching The Telegraph on Snapchat for one week I found it really interesting and I will definitely carry on watching it. The topics are really interesting so is the way they create the snaps.

Basically, every story is made of several snippets (2-8) maybe even more, with key information from the story and music, that I found really fits the story, and after these few snippets, there is an option to swipe up and read the full story. So if you get allured after that you can read the full story. If no, you can carry on watching their Snapchat and you will definitely find at least one story that you will have to swipe up for. You can find there everything from the latest news to celebrity gossip.