Possible idea of a skyscraper replacing BFI IMAX cinema was discussed at the Waterloo Community Development Group AGM



Lambeth’s council planning policy – support for the idea of a skyscraper replacing the BFI IMAX cinema  was discussed at the Waterloo Community Development Group AGM on Wednesday 21. 11. 2018.

A Lambeth council spokesperson said: “From October 22 we will be consulting on the revised Lambeth Local Plan which sets out our vision and guiding principles for development in the borough. To meet City Hall guidance the local plan contains potential locations for tall buildings. The revised local plan does not change the existing approach to potential locations for tall buildings in Waterloo. Development anywhere in the borough is subject to our policies, including those on tall buildings, and full public consultation.”

Due to SE1  , BFI IMAX cinema is one of the  eight sites in Waterloo identified as suitable for tall buildings in the updated Lambeth Local Plan. And if  a plan for such a tower were to be put forward, it would be the tallest tower in Waterloo, of similar height to the London Eye(135 metres) or One The Elephant (125 metres).

People don’t seem to like the idea of the BFI IMAX cinema being replaced by a skyscraper and some of them made that clear on Twitter. Craig Walmsley said on Twitter: “Nope, the IMAX is awesome!” Another tweet by Michael J Keane said: “And it won’t be just the one skyscraper of course. Lambeth’s plan to classify the area as a metropolitan district seems more about keeping offshore developers happy than serving a local need.”