The State of Union speeches

The infographic from The Washington Post shows the words that president Donald Trump used in February’s 2019 joint session that had never been used before. The words for example are: bloodthirsty, fentanyl , heartache , venomous… We can also see words that other presidents – Barack Obama, George Bush and Bill Clinton used for the first time in speeches. We can see that in 2015 Obama became the first president to use words “bisexual” , “transgender” and “lesbian” in his speech.
In 2002, Bush introduced words such as “bioterrorism,” “caves,” “jihad” and “firefighter.” The charts are really easy to read . We can tell what president and when said the words for the first time in the speech. I don’t think these charts might be biased , because we can see all the words used for the first time and who said them.

The infographics from The New York Times was published in 2011 and shows
a historical look at the number of times presidents have used selected words in their State of the Union addresses (or analogous speeches) from 1934 to 2011. Charts are easy to read and we can see which presidents use or did not use words such as job, invest, deficit, small business, power , health care, tax, error, enemies… For example a word “Afghanistan” was used by Jimmy Carter in 1980 for the first time. The word was later used by president Raegan, Bush and Obama.

The infographics from Vox shows several words used by Barack Obama over 8 years of his presidency. The words include: work, economy, country, jobs, government, health, education,.. In his speeches in 2012 and 2013 he mentioned jobs at around 40x, whereas in other years it was “only” at about 20 or 30x. In his first speech in 2009 he used a word “health” 20x and later the usage of this word decreased to 11, 8, 7, 5 or 4x per a speech.

Barack Obama