Filming in Weatminster

Our field trip on 26.2.2019 was a great experience . Filming in Westminster has been one of the best experiences I’ve had since we started this course . I learnt that team work is one of the most important aspects of being a journalist . You can’t do much without your team, can you? First we discussed the angle we’d take . After that we started to shoot some GVs . Although we shot many , we didn’t use them all . We interviewed Susan Nicholson who is a member of WTO ( world trade organisation ) . It was a really good interview , although we should’ve interviewed someone else just to balance our VT with a different interview and a different opinion . Next time we’ll think about that . As a video editor I’ve also learnt  that I could’ve made voiceover a bit more louder so it’d be more clear for the audience . There should always be some natural sound in the background which one of our GVs didn’t have . I think we had some editorial issues as well and some things that were said in our voiceover didn’t match with what our interviewee  said . We’ll pay more attention to that next time.