Nativeland’s billion pound investment to develop Southbank

Finally product of plans

A project to develop the Bankside Yards, which is worth approximately £1 billion, has the full commitment of developer Nativeland.

This project involves bringing Southbank and Bankside closer than ever for the first time in over a hundred years, by constructing a £1 billion mix-use development featuring 1.4 million square foot of workspaces, homes and independent shops with a cultural space within 14 restored railway arches.

London based developer Nativeland are going to making this new development open up a new path along the river as they start building their first development called the Arbor which will be an office based building. With the help from their international business partners, the company is getting the backing of international companies meaning an increase of international influence and confidence within London.

Featured in the new development will be an open space which is based within 14 restored railway arches. Which would be a new pathway as there is currently no access due to it being block by Blackfriars, this would be the final missing piece to the south of the river as the access with supply locals with jobs with businesses along the public railway arches such as shops and eateries.

Alasdair Nicholls, Chief Executive of Native Land, mentioned: ‘Bankside Yards will draw together Bankside’s established cultural, commercial, retail and residential worlds around a new neighbourhood where people will work and live, visit or just spend time by the riverside. We are opening up an important piece of London with amazing transport connections and, as locally-based developers, we are keen to contribute to the rich mix of the area by creating a place that’s accessible, enjoyable and productive.’ 

Nativeland continues into becoming more successful as they main focus is to build affordable homes for the future. Their commitment to affordable housing has made them be able to build deliver more than 167 homes which has produced more than £20 million across the boroughs in London