Southwark going out with a bang

Southwark’s residents saw the sky explode with colour in Southwark park on Guy Fawkes night.

The event lasted from 5pm-8pm which mark an old British tradition which commences on the 5th of November each year. Hosted by Southwark council, this event is in its 16th year of its annual extravaganza. Residents of Southwark have free access to the event while there is a charge for people living outside the borough. 

Residents got to experience a night of joy as the night included a fairground, mini food stalls and beautiful scenery. Speaking to a member of staff who didn’t want to be named, he said: “I’ve been working here for only two years, but it is an amazing event.” He also expected to be about 20,000 people attending the event saying: “ this event is so popular within the residents of Southwark.”In 2015, the event attracted approximately a big 33,000 people.

With help from events company Continental Drift, Southwark council was able to host another brilliant night for all their residents. Family event with easyccess for people with a disability, which include drop in and drop off points, blue badge parking and a restricted viewing zone for residents and guests who need extra requirements to see the show.