Fortune telling journalist? What a dream!

Tarot cards

Who wouldn’t want to be a journalist who can tell the future? Having future news at the click of your finger would be a dream for every journalist all around the world.

Malee is a student studying journalism in London and her hobby is divination.  Divination is a type of practice by using supernatural means for seeking things about the future or the ‘unknown’. Malee has been professionally practicing for more than 3 years. She said: “I’m a spiritual person, nothing to do with religion or anything but I love the way I can be so free with with it.” she classifies herself as an eclectic witch. She studies journalism in a London University. She said “ Both subject gives me freedom, one in writing and the other spiritual.”

Malee and her tarot cards

When visiting Malee, she uses a spare room which she has decorated so she can have visitors and use her spiritual mindset without any distractions. When visiting, it seemed like a nice calming space. She lit some incense and candles around the room. It was quite relaxing. Malee herself was very calming, she is currently trying to increase her knowledge by learning witchcraft and spells. She said: “I want my guests and visitors to have a calming experience, no judgement is allowed here.” This is a new adventure to start up her hobby. Wanting it to be business on the side, she charges £5 a session. Hoping she can learn more within the hobby, she is thinking about increasing the price when she learns and practices more.

Adam, who visited Malee for the first time, was there to have a tarot card reading. Usually a session lasts 10-20 min depending on which package you decide to take and how  much you want to know. He said “I’ve been having a tough time recently. I don’t usually believe in stuff like this but I wanted to have a try.” Even though he doesn’t believe in her hobby, he does read horoscopes and he mentioned how accurate they are however, they are quite vague. After his session, it was almost like adam had a change of heart.  He said: “It helped me realise what I need to do. I will come back again.”

Asking two university students, Alliyah, studying law, and Becks, studying drama, about what they think about divination, they both had similar opinions. Alliyah didn’t believe in it one bit. She said: “ It is complete bollocks, a complete scam. They are playing on something people want to believe in and getting people to pay for it. Completely disgusting.” Talking to Alliyah she was very passionate about how the whole subject is fake. Becks said “I am very skeptical about the whole subject. It’s nice to know about your future but it is quite vague. Especially, as she is studying journalism, I don’t think it mixes very well.” In response, Malee had a calm approach, welcoming them to a free session saying: “There is no judgement, people are welcome to their opinions.