About me: Student Journalist Tiyana

Student journalist, Tiyana Lartey

Hi, my name is Tiyana and yes I am a first year Journalism student at London
Southbank University. I’m not your typical type of person to be writing formally and telling you the facts you already know. I want my wordpress site to be interesting and to give you guys the WOW factor I intend it to. The journalism I am interested in is broadcasting and music. I’ve been interested
into music for so long since I was a child and I can’t lie it would great if I could work in that field. Also, I am interested in broadcasting because as my friend say, I talk too much but I also make people laugh too. Seeing journalists like Piers Morgan and Suzanna Reid on Good Morning Britain inspire me because I love their chemistry on TV as they are informing the viewers as well as they are entertaining them. I am very passionate about journalism and I hope that you would be entertained by what I post on WordPress.