UK could have a No Deal Brexit

Boris Johnson tells the UK to prepare for a no deal Brexit. Boris Johnson has said that the EU must change its approach to talks if deal to be reached. He said that the country has to prepare for a no deal scenario on the 1st of January. A lot of people and MPs are unhappy with a no deal Brexit as they think it’s not good for the country. Boris Johnson has said that the UK should go for the Australia solution as he said it’s time to get ready for the no deal Brexit. He said that the UK should get ready for 1 January with arrangements that are more like Australia’s based on simple principles of a global free trade. 

Brexit talks are regularly happening this year especially with coronavirus how would the prime minster deal with Brexit talks and Covid 19. Boris Johnson has a deal for Brexit to pass through parliament that many MPs reject continuously. UK are running out of Time with having a Brexit deal and could end up with no deal by January 1st. MPs have been having many discussions upon themselves about the Brexit situation.

While the UK officially left the EU in January, the 11-month transition period was meant to allow leaders from each side time to agree on a trade deal. During the transition period, business was the same as before Brexit. It cannot be extended. 

A no-deal Brexit means that the UK and the EU have been unable to reach an agreement on the terms of Britain’s trade relationship with the EU after the transition period ends.

As many know that having a no deal Brexit could lead to many complications within the UK. The EU places tariffs on goods from the UK, could affect businesses in Britain that trade with the bloc and result in new border checks for goods – and new customs paperwork to fill out.