BREAKING NEWS Manchester could face a Tier 3 Lockdown

Manchester city Could face tier 3 lockdown this Friday as Covid 19 cases kept rising in the area. Andy Burnham the mayor of Manchester has said he does not want a lockdown as it could affect the economy and business with lower wages. The Government has accused Mr. Burnham for not agreeing with the rules put forward. Mr. Burham has said that Boris Johnson and the Government are exaggerating with the number of Covid 19 cases in the Manchester.

He says he wants a greater financial support if stricter rules come in place. Michael Gove critised Mr. Burnham for his lack of inconsistency. Many people in Manchester have struggled with jobs from the past lockdown that was back in April. Mr Burnham fears that it will happen again and urges that locals in Manchester need a financial backing to help and support their business. Politicians in Manchester and in London have been trying to get to an agreement for days. Mr Burnham has also accused the government for exaggerating Manchester’s rise in Covid 19.

He said that Manchester is going to have more restrictions then they should get more financial support. Mr Burnham has stated “we need a fair financial framework, if the government is to insist on tier 3. He has also said that it’s not a good idea to close places such as pubs, Gyms as these are the place with low wages. He has also said this can have a mental health crisis on these workers. He warns that you cannot take their place of work without financial support.

Mr. Burnham doesn’t think that taking a stricter measure would work but Ministers have said that action is needed soon. Michael Gove argues against Andy Burnham saying that it’s better for Manchester to have a tier 3 lockdown in the early stages as it will prevent spread and also help the economy and the public health. Conservative MP’s are also speaking out and concerned about whether Manchester should or not to go through a tier 3 lockdown. Conservative MP’s such as Sir Graham Brady has said that they have not been given any evidence that having a tier 3 lockdown would be effective.

Rising cases of Covid 19 have forced politicians to discuss on what to do and to take action. They further discussed to potential have a further tightening restriction across wales. The first minister of wales has said that a short sharp lockdown could help to stop the spread of the virus.