Audio/ Editing Audio using Adobe Audition

We have our 5 clips of sounds that are 15 seconds that I edited together to make a montage. We also used our 20 second clip voice over to edit in Adobe Audition. We will use the clip and have music playing in the background. Its my voice over I recorded on my phone, just me explaining my kitchen and what I have in it. It was just a test audio.

This is a Print screen of me editing the 5 clips of different sounds together to make a montage.

This is the Finished edited version of the 5 Clips edited together to make a montage.

This is my Voice over Clip ‘Home’ that is 20 seconds, its just me describing my kitchen as it was just an audio test.

In this print screen I have the music clip I picked from a website called “” and I have my voice over clip ready for editing.

Here I am just editing the music bed as the music file was very long so I had to cut it to just about 20 seconds to fit my voice over clip.

Here I have my music clip and the voice clip and I put them tighter using a ‘multitrack’ on adobe audition. I made the music song lower so its just playing in the background and my voice over clip is more louder so it can be heard clearer.

This is the finished edited version of the voice over clip and background music.

This is the Voice Clip that is Edited with Music playing in the background.