The Pacific Ocean is sick, who is to blame?

On September 29, 2020, surfers from a camp in Kamchatka reported terrible news on their social networks: the Pacific Ocean is in danger. After the next entry into the water, the young people noticed a deterioration in their condition, and a few days later many of them began to complain of poisoning. In an interview with LifeNews, Dmitry Ilyasov also emphasized that many surfers received a corneal burn, and, for example, his eyesight deteriorated after the last ride. A group of surfers actively maintains their pages in the Intagram, shares with users the latest news, photos and videos from the coast, on which the ocean has been throwing dead sea inhabitants for almost a month.

Photo from the Internet.

What exactly is Kamchatka? On June 2, 2020, one of the most prominent journalists in Russia, Yuri Dud, on his YouTube channel published a large investigative issue about “the peninsula that everyone has forgotten about.” In the description of the video, Dud wrote: “In the process of preparation, rather sad facts were revealed to us. There is fish, gold and tourism in Kamchatka, but not everyone is good at living well. Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky (the capital of Kamchatka) is still a very sad and ugly city And all these tourist wonders – like the Valley of Geysers or riding on volcanoes – are inaccessible to the absolute majority of locals. Why is the region, which could have been Russian Iceland, not Iceland at all?”. 

For everyone who wants to watch the release of Yuri Dud before the ocean was in danger, in person, link (subtitles in English are available for selection): https: // V = Zv4hIaVvFVI

In one interview Yuri Dud was also had the good fortune to talk with the head of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, Konstantin Bryzgin. Then Dud asked how he assesses the status of his city for 2020. Then, in response, it followed that in 2020 the city of Nakon became convenient and more attractive for tourists. So what happened at the end of September 2020? 

Satellite photo. The image shows a yellow spot in the water flowing from a river passing near the landfill.

After the statements of surfers living on the Pacific coast, about the deteriorating health, information began to spread rapidly on the Internet, because it was picked up by many showbiz stars, residents of Kamchatka, bloggers and private publications. The local government began verification in early October 2020. The two most likely versions of the Kamchatka incident were man-made toxins and toxins from microalgae blooms.The second version was quickly denied by the locals and those surfers who know the ocean and the water in it almost from birth, therefore they know how red algae bloom and why, mentioned by the governor when he reported on the first findings of water samples. Later, experts found that the concentration of oil products in water was 3.6 times exceeded, and phenols – 2.5 times. The fact is that not far from Khalaktyrsky beach, where problems were first discovered, there is an abandoned landfill for pesticides. According to some reports, it may be the main source of pollution through the leakage of poisons stored there. On October 8, 2020 Rospotrebnadzor of the Russian Federation declares that harmful substances in the fish in Kamchatka after water pollution are normal. 

Photo of dead fish.

Recent studies by the Investigative Committee and the Russian Academy of Sciences argue that the identified pollution of the sea with lamb hydrocarbons and phenol is not critical and has been observed there for 50 years. On October 23, 2020, the vice-president of the Academy of Sciences announced that Gymnodinium algae, which were found in water as a result of multiple studies, were finally found guilty of the mass death of benthic organisms in Kamchatka.

Despite the fact that many independent experts continue to find traces of rocket fuel and pesticides from a nearby landfill in the waters of Kamchatka, unfortunately, most likely, the official version has already been put forward and will remain unchanged. Those who are not indifferent from all over the world can only guess why such a large-scale catastrophe happened, what measures will be taken to solve it, and who was ultimately to blame for what happened.