Crime in Walworth

Crime in Walworth is a on going problem that has plagued the area for many years. In January of this year, there was 110 violent and sexual offensive cases and 65 anti social behaviour case in Walworth. We sent our reporter Maria Fransisco to investigate further.

Silicon Valley and Journalism

Silicon Valley is an area of California which is the hub of many business and corporation around the world such as Facebook and Google. In theory Silicon Valley could have a dramatic effect on journalism in the modern world. The reason for this could be the fact that companies like Google

Bethnal Terrace

The historic building Bethnal Terrace has become severely run down since 2015 due to problems with squatters and a large portion of the building has been burnt down. It's been standing since the late 18th century and has survived the Blitz. Both Camberwell and Walworth Societies are appealing to the