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Can we trust the numbers? – Mona Chalabi (The Guardian)

  • Why is it hard to trust the number?
  • Too many sources and statistics, which one can you trust?
  • The public don’t always trust or believe the results.
  • Some voting polls have a lack of context to their finding meaning the results could be biased or easily miss interpreted.

Can you see uncertainty?

  • using polls isn’t always trustworthy.
  • Diverse society- polls doesn’t always work.

Can you see yourself in the data?

  • does the data match up too you personally?
  • How valid is it to your every day life?

How was it collected?

  • when data is collected, its easy to miss out of context that could put the results into perspective.
  • if you miss context in the collection, the results could be biased.
  • Polls could be falsely created or collected by a untrustworthy source, could come under fake news.

Other important points to think about when using data are:

  • Who asked the questions?
  • How many people have been asked?
  • You need to know the source of the poll.