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Data and News Stories

Data can be an integral part of any news stories as it can be used to back up ideas and create headlines.

As an example, I have been looking at two sources of date to see where a news story can be found from the statistics, and how to use the stats. The example in question are a report into unsolved murders in the US and another report on how true to life Hollywood films are.

The Hollywood page shows films inspired by real events such as the Wolf of Wall Street and allows you to see in what part of the film the realism was kept, and in which part where it was dramatized or is completely fictional.

I’m going to focus on the first website due to the serious nature of the results and as it may come to public interest. It allows you to refine the unsolved murders to a state, a county and agency. Based on the categories selected, it gives you a ratio of solved murders to unsolved between the years of 1965 to 2016. This allows you to focus your story on certain parts and possibly locate where the most unsolved homicides happen in America. The data its self is displayed on a graph making it very easy to find the figures you are looking for to back up or create a news article.