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Different Ways To Approach a News Story

News stories differ depending on the media used to report them, such as radio, television and print.

The story I looked at in print and radio presented the same story about a online fake boyfriend in different ways. The radio actually used a woman to sign up to the service to try it out and spoke about her experience as it happened and even read out the messages being sent.

For online text and print however the story had to be approached differently due to the lack of audio description that you get from radio. However the print articles still varied each other regard to approaching the story. For example Esquire article approached the story similar to the radio due to the fact they should the texts via screen shots. And the same goes for the npr article and The Washington Post.

The other too article from the Guardian and the Telegraph approach the story in more depth and go into more context from the screen shots and the story its self. This maybe due to the formality of the news organisations and the fact if this was print it would be in a broad sheet news paper so they have to keep the article lengthy.