Social medias’ filter bubbles

After examining my social media news feed, it is plainly obvious that there are many filter bubbles and echo chambers in which I fall into.

Firstly, there is definitely a high coverage of celebrity news on Snapchat. The Kardashians appear a lot, along with fashion, arts and music.

There is no politically or scientifically governed content at all. 

This is rather different from Twitter, however, which carries a myriad of political, scientific, celebrity and arts news.

Perhaps it is the 140 character cut-off that allows for all types of news to be widely cast – people are arguably more likely to read due to the short summarisation of the news.

The use of hashtags also allows for the news that generally concerns the most people to be readily available to read.

Hashtags also allow people to view news that may not appear on their newsfeeds, allowing people to break out of their filter bubbles.

All social media outlets offer differing genres of news. It tends to be the websites and apps that allow people to have their say (such as Twitter) that give the most varied range of news.