How mobile news gathering is changing journalism

The growth of mobile news is becoming prevalent in today’s society due to decreasing levels of concentration, and increasing levels of competition between online news outlets. 

News titles or headlines are usually accompanied by a small video showing the news story to capture the viewers attention before they even have time to read the headline. 

Some news stories do not even have writing all together; they rely on short videos to relay the story. This can be seen on Snapchat’s ‘Discover’ platform (which often involves a misleading title and cleverly manipulated photo). 

The Instagram ‘Explore’ page works in a similar way. However, there is never any writing; the news tends to involve, again, a cleverly manipulated photo of a celebrity to grab the viewers attention.

The use of video is becoming extremely important in relaying news to mobile users as it provides a form of news in which the viewer does not require any effort at all to obtain it.

Mobile news is certainly adapting to decreasing attention spans regarding the news, primarily in the growth of short videos and often shorter and misleading captions/titles.