Angry residents start petition against council’s sudden car park closure

SE16’s Tenda Road car park closure has sparked angry residents to start a petition against the council’s plans. 

Tenda Road Car Park used to accommodate upwards of fifty cars

The car park, once accommodating upwards of fifty cars at a time for local residents and workers, is now set to be used for council housing.

Despite providing prior notice of the project to the area’s residents, the council failed to provide alternative parking provision for drivers in the area after the car park’s closure in early September.

“They said they’d provide alternative parking, but as far as I know they haven’t even contacted us” said a member of staff at the South Bermondsey Community Nursery. 

Leo Pollak, Labour cabinet member for new homes and social regeneration, and councillor for South Bermondsey has stated on Twitter that “all 12 homes on Tenda Rd will be council homes, let at council rents on council tenancies, with at least 50% reserved for people on the estate who’re on the housing register. No ifs/buts.”