To beer or not to beer? – Average price of pints set to rise

International research has showed that global warming may cause a decline in barley production one of the key ingredients to making which would affect the price and consumption in 34 regions.

A rise in the global temperature and an increased risk of drought in some areas would have a knock-on effect worldwide.  Researchers based in the US, China, Mexico and the University of East Anglia created a model to assess the effects of climate change or global production barley. The findings showed that in the UK, a drop from 3.7 billion to 1.3 billion litres in the amount of beer drank annually is predicted.

Nations famous for their production of beer, such as Belgium, Ireland and Czech Republic were forecast to be amongst the worst hit. This is because of the high beer consumption and brewing factories.

This means that the average price of a pint across the UK is predicted to rise over the coming years. For university students that choose to drink, this may be important information to note. Currently, the average price of a pint across the UK is highest in London, where it stands at £5.19. at less than half of the price however, you can get a pint for £2.35 in Carlisle.

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The National Union of Students has recently released the findings of a survey on students’ relationships to alcohol. The survey was completed by 2,215 students in higher education which explores students’ behaviour towards, attitudes to, and perceptions of alcohol use. They found alcohol use to be relatively common but many reported not drinking alcohol at all. The survey results also provide insight into the perceptions that students hold in relation to their peers, themselves and alcohol – these levels have also been rising through recent years.

With both drinking levels, and pint prices rising, it is important to consider the prices of alcohol when choosing to study at university. The top universities for nightlife are Leeds, Liverpool, Manchester, Newcastle and Northumbria. Of those universities, the average price pint varies around £3.80, with Northumbria being the cheapest at £3.74. There is a general trend between universities just below Scotland (Northern England) and good, cheap nights out.

Wherever you may decide to study, consider the average price pint, and whether the cost of a fun night out is worth the student debt hangover. ‘To beer or not to beer?’ – that really is the question.