Art Exhibition Looks at the Increasing Digital Influence on our Lives

Virtually Here, by Rupert, Molly, Katie, Rodrigo

Each day, technology becomes a more and more prominent part of our lives. It is impossible to walk down a street without being able to see someone on their phone, and we have all heard stories about people who are getting replaced at work by a machine. The Clinic exhibition, curated by Alex Buchan, aims to “explore the diminishing digital interface layer and technology’s effect on our reality.”

As I walked through the black curtains and into the dimly lit room, which can be found on Floor 3 of the OXO tower, I immediately heard the words “Where does your reality end and simulation begin?” This was from the first exhibit, Virtually Here by Rupert, Molly, Kate and Rodrigo. The purpose of this exhibit was to welcome guests, and to set the tone of what was to come in the immersive exhibition. And set the tone it did. An abstract collection of sculptures, holograms and projections, Clinic manages to embody the increased reliance on technology and question whether technology is taking over the world. The highlights of the exhibition are the plastic sculptures by Jasmine Pradisstto, which includes a woman being held back by wires, a metaphor for how technology is taking over our lives.