Portraits of Reconciliation

Portraits of Reconciliation was an interesting article from The New York Times, it told the stories of people in Rwanda. Stories of murder, stories of torture, but it also tells the story of Reconciliation, the forgiveness of one another. In one picture the perpetrator is facing away from his victim, he had killed her father and brothers. The women next to him has her hand on his shoulder to show her forgiveness, as he admitted in the article he was “ashamed” Of his actions. 

His facial expression shows his sorrow for his actions, his guilt. He took the lives of people, only lives God can take.

Additionally, a further picture shows two people standing side by side, again a perpetrator and a victim. The criminal burned down the victims house and tried to harm the victim and her child, he said they are alive, and that God saved them. He also said, ‘ I used to run and hide when I saw her in public.’ But he reconciled, he and his friends built a house for the women, and they now live in peace, this is evident in the photo as they stand side by side.