How The Telegraph Uses Snapchat To Attract Young People

The Telegraph has branched out to the social media platform Snapchat to broadcast their news, and they are looking to tap into a new demographic. They are trying to get young peoples attention, and are trying to get the to read the news and stay informed.

They use the discover page on Snapchat where different pages and news sites post their stories too. Before looking to tap into the younger generation, they first and mostly only published political Snapchat articles, and as it is widely statistically shown only 31% of 16-24 year olds are interested in politics and the news that comes on it. The Telegraph then branched out a posted articles on Snapchat on subjects such as tech, lifestyle, foreign news and business.

The Telegraph also used recognisable celebrities and stories about them to attract younger people. Recognisable social influencers such as Logan Paul was heavily in the news for filming and posting a video of a dead body in the Japanese “suicide Forrest” and posting it on YouTube. This was massive news and the Telegraph covered it as Logan Paul is a largely recognisable and followed individual. People could easily follow the story in a short and simple form, attracting a younger demographic.