The Venue Halloween Party

“An excellent venue with excellent staff which gave me a night to remember!” Daniel Woodcock 18.

A Halloween Bash took place at The Venue in New Cross on Saturday 27th of October. A party to remember, The Venue was transformed into a scary and daunting place to fit the occasion, a dungeon like scare fest created to add to the atmosphere. The staff played their rolls extremely well, dressing up in their Halloween outfits, popping out of corners and getting the heart racing, but also helping when asked.

The Venue has many floors, which can be rather challenging to navigate when you’ve had a few drinks. Different floors had different genres of music, and you can pick and choose which one you vibe with the most. Each floor was extremely articulate and individual, each room or floor had its own identity filled with scary designs, the bottom floor for example was a dungeon, and the upstairs was like a haunted house and the bars had their own individual look, with one looking like the lair of a vampire with gauntlets and spider’s webs littering the bar. Again the staff were friendly but also scary which added to the excitement.

However, the event wasn’t exactly perfect. The security outside was rough and rude, when searching people at the door. They would pat you down with force, and furthermore, they failed to search in detail. Looking through things such as wallets with a mere glance, and not even doing a routine shoe check as items can be hidden. People could have been in danger as sharp objects could be concealed once both and brought into The Venue without detection.

Also the prices were extremely high and unbalanced, the price for males was as high as £12, and for females it was only £5. To me this was a shock and rather unfair, but that’s how venues work nowadays.

Despite the little things I took issue with, the night was thoroughly enjoyable, from the design to the staff inside playing their roll, I would definitely go back next year for their annual Halloween party.