The infographics presented by The Washington Post on previous president Bill Clinton (interactive dataset)shows the words he used in the annual address to Congress. It shows the words he has used compared to other presidents. The infographic is important as it shows the public the difference between Clinton and others, and it also allows context to be added to the words he has used.
Columns are used in the New York Times and The Vox. The Vox diagram shows the word counts of presidential speeches in the annual congress address. The length of the speeches could show the amount of topics there is to address and talk about which took place over the previous year, which could be published to also inform the public of what is going on. President Obama’s length of his speech was one of the longest.
The New York Times also uses columns to present the amount of topics/themes that were used by presidents during their speech. It allows the president to talk about issues or key themes and put them to rest as they go into a new year. Again similar to The Vox.