What I Learnt From Filming Our Brexit VT

Leave V.S Remain

I learnt a lot while out filming outside the Houses of Parliament. You see on social media the clear divide between leave and remain, but when you get to Westminster it’s exactly the same. Both parties deliberately stand near each other to shout over each other, or cover up each others signs and to basically, annoy each other.

I also enjoyed seeing and reading the different signs that were on display, some of them were really creative and brilliant to look at. Most of the signs on display from what I could see were pro remain, I would have liked to have seen a balance in signs residing along the roads surrounding Westminster.

One of many creative signs

I also enjoyed looking for people to interview, we first went into a nearby pub, and when asking for an EU national to interview, the worker declined. But we eventually found a Spanish gentleman who was a political satire artist who accepted the interview and it was brilliantly conducted.

pushing the country off a cliff

I enjoyed spending the day in the political heart of the country, speaking to people and filming shots which are relevant to the main point of the package. Which was heavily based around the affects on EU nationals.