broadcast journalism VT & Radio workbook


We learned a lot this semester. Particularly on how to put VT’s together, we took Rebecca’s advice and teachings and tried to apply it. When practicing VT’s we covered Brexit. it was a fun day out. and it was really interesting to capture the two conflicting sides of the argument.

We also learned about what the key ingredients are to a VT, e.g voxpops. the use of natural sounds, solid interviews, how to reporter should stand when interviewing a person (look engaged)

for our final VT we went to colours cape at wembley part. it was a piece done by two artists, we found it interesting so we decided to cover it

i spoke to people from the event in order to get permission to film and see if there was anyone to talk to

the final video came out good and I’m happy with the contributions made by the team as a whole.


We done radio training with Matt and we’ve done voice training with Vanessa. We have also done practice pieces of audio in order to get more confident on it.

We again done a Brexit piece of audio which was our first test on how well we could produce audio.

We learnt how to do an intro, we also learned how to find our radio voice, everyone is unique.

We also learned how to edit audio using the software on the computers or audacity.

my final story was sports related and it was based on Declan Rice, a professional footballer who switched his international allegiance from Ireland to England

I managed to speak to two big names in the West Ham community in order to ask them a question on it, in which the answered the question on one of their podcasts and granted me permission to use the audio for the answer to my question

The people i speak to are two very close friends of Declan Rices’ so it was huge for me to get them to comment on it.